Autumn/Winter in London with delightful little ones

I am in mourning for the last of the summer days, gone are the Zip Zap themes of the Seaside and Holidays and we now are gearing up for our Autumn, Hibernating Animals, Night Sky, Rain and of course, Christmas themes.

However, there is something magical about Autumn when the leaves are turning brown and for my toddler, (who prefers the buggy to walking) I have learnt to embrace how much fun walking on crunchy the leaves is. Also, who can deny the delightful build up to Christmas, not to mention the bribery of how Santa’s fairies are watching so the ‘challenging behaviours’ don’t go unnoticed!

I’ve always been tempted to curl up at home with a make shift tent and duplo (not for me obviously!) in the cold and rainy weather but actually getting up and getting out gets the wind in our sails and burns some energy, from the little ones of course, if only parents had energy to burn!

London has so many fun things to offer children and the dark nights and bright lights make for an extraordinary sensory experience. Christmas at Kew Gardens is such an incredible event; the light shows are second to none and excite children beyond belief. They have delicious marshmallows and live performances to distract the children whilst you neck your warm gin cocktail!

I have so many fond memories of Christmas at Kew and it is now a regular fixture on the Christmas agenda. I’m sure Winter Wonderland is just as magical but I am a little traumatised to ever go back. My NCT friends (god bless NCT friends!) and I went when the babies were three months old and it was a sensory overload for the little babies and sleep-deprived mums. Most of the babies kicked off when they heard the incredibly loud music and getting the tube back in rush hour proved too much, so thinking the bus would be a better option, I tried to discreetly feed my screaming baby only to squirt a lovely woman with my breast milk due to an over excited let down reflux. Major social awkwardness and for some reason I attribute this to the Winter Wonderland experience!

The best thing about London in the Winter with babies or toddlers is the spontaneity. There are so many activities for Halloween, Bonfire Night and magical experiences for little families. I do love to occasionally scrap the bedtime routine and head into London with the little one in tow to go and experience these magical things that make the memories. Time Out has all the knowledge, thank goodness for Time Out!

At Zip Zap, we have so many wonderful themes coming up between now and Christmas so why not get your little one all cosy and wrapped up in the buggy, grab a Gail’s coffee on the way and visit your nearest Zip Zap class so you can both be entertained in a delightfully, warm venue.

However, it is 9pm on a Friday and in the name of spontaneity, I am off to bed!