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Covid 19 Risk Assessment

Zip Zap Kids Covid 19 Risk Assessment for classes and parties.


1+m apart for children and carers. 2+m distance for leader.

  • Square mats set up for each parent/child, all 1.5-2m apart. The room has been measured to ensure every ones safety.  

  • Mat set up for class leader 3m away, no singing during bubbles when class leader can be 2m away from children/carers.

  • No contact during the lessons with other children or carers (carers to help monitor this) 

  • All adults to wear facemasks and class leaders to wear protective face visors.

  • Pre booked customers only. No drop in facility available for the immediate future. 


  • All mats to be wiped with disinfectant before the start of each class.

  • All props will sanitised and set up on each square, children won’t share props (parents/carers to help monitor this).

  • At the end of each session the carer will be responsible for placing all props in a bag for the class leader to sanitise after class. 

  • Cleaning to be carried out by class/party leaders with supplied disinfectant and hand sanitiser/anti bacterial hand wash to be used afterwards.

Parent/Carer Supervision

  • Carers/Parents will be responsible for their child during the class/party, ensuring they remain on or near their own square to remain 1+m apart. 

  • Carers/ parents will be responsible for ensuring their child/children don’t share props with another child.

  • No parent/carer singing during the session.

  • Email sent to parents/carers updating them on new risk assessment, procedures and guidelines.

  • Please arrive no more than 5 minutes before the class start time and wait outside the building until your class leaders let you in (this is to ensure attendees of the previous class have left the building to minimise contact).

Hand Sanitiser/hand washing

  • Every one attending Zip Zap classes/parties will have access to hand sanitiser before, during and after the classes. 

  • Zip Zap asks every one to wash their hands or use hand sanitiser (parents/carers and children) upon entry to the room.

  • Class/party leaders to do a stock check after each class.


  • Class/party leaders will have access to PPE       

  • During the sessions, to be used to administer first aid or in the case where they need to get closer to a parent/carer and child

  • All class leaders to wear protective face visors at all times. 

  • Class/party leaders to do a stock check after each class.


Covid-19 Symptoms

  • If any one who has attended a Zip Zap class/party (class leaders, parents, carers and children) develop symptoms they are asked to inform Laura Edwards or Moya McGinn at or 07572940731 immediately and follow all government guidelines on self isolation. 


Toilet Visits

  • Parent/Carer to ensure only one   

       family enters the toilet at any time. 

  • Please use anti bacterial spray as directed by each venue. 

  • Parents/Carers to be sent an email with this information. 


Class/party Leaders

  • All class/party leaders have received extra training to ensure the delivery of new procedures and risk assessment. 



  • New policies provided by venues to have been agreed to by Zip Zap. 

  • Class/party leaders will arrive early and ensure the venue is safe to use.

  • Crossover of classes to be decided with each venue. 

  • Cleaning of all touched surfaces with an anti bacterial spray, Dettol before and after class. 

  • Please exit the building swiftly so the class leaders can do a thorough clean of the venue before the next class.


First Aid

  • All Class/party leaders have a fully stocked first aid kit. 

  • First Aid is available at all times

  • Class/party leaders to wear gloves, mask and use hand sanitiser or anti bacterial  hand washing upon administering First Aid. 

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