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Zip Zap Stories

Children from 3 to 5 years old can join our Zip Zap Stories classes

Zip Zap Stories classes are aimed at 3-5year olds to bring to life well-known children’s stories which encourage a love of storytelling and literacy from an early age.

Introducing a different story on a weekly basis and presenting them in an interactive and theatrical way, our team will transport your child to the world inside the story through the use of music, instruments, props, puppets and bubbles.

Early years immersive storytelling encourages children to focus and listen. Your child will learn to follow instructions, develop their problem solving skills and add their own ideas to the plot. Music and rhymes add to this experience encouraging words, sentence forming and articulation. Participating in drama at a young age helps build confidence through improvisation and role-play. Our team will help your child feel as relaxed and comfortable in social situations as they do in their own living room!

Click here for our Zip Zap Stories Audio Classes.

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