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Audio Sessions

Based on Oi Frog! Click here. 

For this class you'll need: A coat, a hat, a chair/sofa, plain paper, crayons/colouring pen.


Based on The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Click here.

For this class you'll need: A blanket to make a den, plain paper, colouring pens, toy food to eat with the Caterpillar. 

Children from 2.5 to 5 years old can join Zip Zap Stories Audio Sessions where we bring to life well-known children’s stories which encourage a love of storytelling and literacy from an early age.


During this pandemic, we, and our children have been opened up to a virtual world of online PE sessions, virtual schooling, yoga classes, Zip Zap classes, zoom recorder classes (yip, can you feel my pain?) an amazing array of celebrities reading our favourite stories, and much more incredible stuff.  It has been phenomenal and so good for our day’s structure, stimulation and most importantly, sanity! However, what has occurred to us is that they are all relying on screen time, granted it is interactive, educational and stimulating but it’s screen time nonetheless. 

Introducing Zipzap Stories Audio Classes. Each session is based on a different story and presents them in an interactive and theatrical way, our team will transport your child to the world inside the story through the use of music, voices, accents, exercises, games and activities. 


Early years immersive storytelling encourages children to focus and listen. Your child will learn to follow instructions, develop their problem solving skills and add their own ideas to the plot. Their brains will be kicked into a different gear than when they see images on a screen. It is all in their imagination! Music and games add to this experience encouraging language, articulation, physical activities and movement. 

Participating in drama at a young age helps build confidence and empathy,  through improvisation and role-play. Our Zipzap Stories Audio Sessions will help your child feel relaxed and comfortable in their own living room, continue their personal development and there is not a screen in sight. 

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