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Little Zippers

Hoop Awards 2019 - Winner Badge.png

Children from 12 months (or walking) to 4 years old can join our award winning Little Zippers classes

When young children listen to familiar words in songs, the neural transmitters in their brains are building connections to the sounds they are hearing and the words they are singing.  In this way, singing songs and reciting poems and rhymes with children helps children develop early literacy skills. At Zip Zap we use a mixture of traditional nursery rhymes and lively up beat songs which children are warmly encouraged to join in.

Keeping a steady beat helps to develop language. Clapping hands, stamping feet, and playing percussion instruments in time to music develops important pre-reading skills. Young children recognise words, sounds, rhythms, tones, and pitches long before they talk, sing, or dance. So, the more music your child has in their lives, the better they will speak and read.

Zip Zap’s music encourages the ability to listen and develops concentration. Through our music, children learn to hear tempos, dynamics, and melodies. Listening for sounds which are loud and soft, up and down, fast and slow and that can be copied and repeated encourages auditory development in the brain.

Children naturally respond to music by moving and being active. Music helps children learn about rhythm and develop motor coordination. Dancing and movement is encouraged during Zip Zap’s classes.

Breast-feeding, bottle feeding, tube feeding, changing nappies are all welcome during a Zip Zap class.

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