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Confidence in a Zip Zap class

We all want a confident, articulate and outgoing child but how can we ensure this is developing from the early years?

Attending weekly music and sensory classes not only entertains and stimulates your child, it allows you to have a few minutes time out whether it’s during the ‘wheels on the bus’ or the glorious bubble section. It also gives you the chance to interact with other parents and the most important bit… the long awaited Gail’s double shot latte on the way to class that you have dreaming about since the 5am wake up call this morning! But how can we be sure these classes also build confidence?

During Zip Zap’s toddler class we actively encourage children to collect and return their props from us. By using their curiosity and excitement for exploring new objects, children forget that they are leaving the security of their carer’s lap and approach other children and adults in a familiar and safe environment. This simple act is an excellent way to encourage their independence and a sense of freedom. From their first week, they probably hold on with dear life to their sensory ball or maraca in the safe place of their carer’s lap, but in time they will be on their feet, racing towards the Zip Zap bag to return their favourite (and usually soggy) finger puppet. This is a constant gauge of their confidence and we begin to see their gorgeous little personalities emerging in a busy, class environment.

Another way of celebrating their triumphs in gaining independence is a child’s slow but steady involvement in the physical warm up. The moment when your child suddenly picks up their left leg in our scissor chops exercise is such a special milestone. Ok, so it’s not the equivalent of taking their first step but it is a sure sign that their focus, confidence and co-ordination are all developing. Besides, how cute do they look with their little arm tucked under their chin just like the Zip Zap leaders do when lying on our sides?! Magic.

Then we come to the best section of the class each week, it’s… BUBBLE TIME! Usually during a child’s first few weeks at a Zip Zap class, they will need their grown up to accompany them up to the bubble machine. As the weeks go by, they will be up on their feet popping bubbles by themselves, interacting with other children and developing independence.

It’s moments like this that we must never take for granted in a child’s development. It’s these occasions that will give them the skills and confidence to run into their first football class or birthday party, yes birthday parties where parents don’t have to stay!!!! So much to look forward to when they turn 4, now to just get through the next eight hours….

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