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Are you about to go to your first baby class? What to expect.

Written by Sarah at Zip Zap BCP

The first few months of having your first baby brings so many feelings and can be overwhelming in so many ways. You're learning to navigate this new world and getting to know your baby. Then suddenly they change, they're more awake and alert and it's time to start looking for a little extra stimulation for them, also so you can have a rest and switch off for a while!

Is going to your first baby class like going on a blind date?

Being a First Time Mum, I know how social situations can feel way bigger than they normally would. Having been a Zip Zap leader for many years I have spent the time getting to know mums and dads and sharing these early years with them. But nothing can prepare you when it's you in that position.

Already feeling anxious about how your baby is going to be, you step into a new space, potentially not knowing anyone and that lack of comfort can be super daunting.

You may make eye contact with another mum or smile on as they take selfies with their little one or mind your own business as there is a group of them who are already pals. 

I went to a group recently which, was for exactly that purpose, to feel less anxious. To be honest, I wanted to feel more welcomed and put my worries at ease. I got a hello with a nice smile but not much after that. Most people all knew each other and even started discussing a weekend away together. I am quite a confident and outgoing person so that didn’t really bother me however, if it was someone less so, it would have been an uncomfortable situation.

This makes me think back to being a Zip Zap leader for so many years and makes it even more relevant that as a class leader we welcome First Time Parents or parents who feel worried about attending a class , even grandparents helping with childcare! I know my Mum doesn’t feel that confident about going to classes but it is Zip Zap's support that ensures you feel at ease, included and taken in. 

We often make introductions to other parents, if you would like, as not everyone comes with someone. Remember, the person you sit next to may feel exactly the same way!

What we do encourage is to come back and try again. You already know two people and that is us, the leaders! 

When you come into the class, you'll be greeted by our leaders and the class will be set with mats in squares for you and your little one to choose. If your baby is on the younger side then we would suggest you sit nearer the front, if you feel comfortable to do so, this means that your little one will be closer to the action. We then start our hello song, warm up and then our middle section which changes each week. I promise this will be as entertaining for you as it is for your little one. Zip Zap was designed so you can be as involved as you want, or if you need to sit and zone out for a bit that's ok too. Then we finish with bubbles and our goodbye song.

Zip Zap leaders are always on hand to help with twins, cuddles, holding a baby, whatever you need, please just ask. We are here for you as much as we are the little ones.

If you are nervous about coming to a Zip Zap class then please call us, we would be so happy to chat through every thing with you beforehand so you know exactly what to expect.

You won’t be known as just ‘Raffy’s mum’ but your name, YOU as a person, WE SEE YOU, WE HEAR YOU!

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